Residential Landlords Emergency Assistance is designed to provide emergency assistance to prevent damage or further damage to your property, make your property safe and secure and to prevent risk to health or safety.

Residential Landlords Emergency Assistance

From only £170, including Insurance Premium Tax, we can include (though not exclusively): 

  • Failure to function or breakdown of heating in your property
  • Failure of the domestic electric or gas supply in your property
  • Failure, blockage, leak or damage to your internal plumbing and drainage
  • Failure, blockage, leak or damage to your toilet bowl or cistern
  • Failure to function or damage to the external doors, windows or locks
  • Damage caused to the roof of your property due to adverse weather conditions or fallen trees

This is a 12-month policy with no excess to pay.

Residential Landlords Emergency Assistance provides you with peace of mind that properties in your portfolio are covered with assistance should an emergency happen.

Following an insured incident (these are listed below), we will appoint an authorised repairer to carry out emergency repairs and the insurer will pay the call out fees, labour costs and the cost of replacement parts and materials. 

Insured incidents include: main source of heating, domestic electric or gas, internal plumbing, pest infestations, windows, doors and locks, lost or broken keys and roof damage.

Please ensure that you read the key facts to understand significant exclusions, limitations and insured incidents. 

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